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Audi A4 Saloon Fitting instructions Electrical installation kit

Download Part 8E5 055 203 G. Vehicle model: Audi A4 Saloon and Avant, RHD, 7-pin. Install electrical kit 1. Disconnect battery. 2. Remove the following covers and panelling, as necessary: • In the boot – Boot floor cover – Loading sill cover – Left side panel • Along the right hand side of the vehicle – Scuff plates, driver’s side – Right panelling by the steering column – Fuse box cover 3. Remove the cover from the 40 mm hole in the floor panel, below the left tail light (Fig. 1/5). Note In vehicles with tyre pressure check: remove the 4-pin plug from the tyre pressure monitoring unit at the back right on the bumper. Unlock the black outer housing on this plug, open the green secondary lock and unclip the three cables. Remove the hole grommet 4B0 971 908 from this cable loom. On the towing hitch cable set, expose the second opening of the hole grommet 4B0 971 908, feed the cable set for the tyre pressure check and seal it correctly. Re-assemble the 4-pin plug in the reverse order. Chamber 1 = br/bl, chamber 2 = ye/bl, chamber 3 = gn/pu. 4. Route the end of the cable with the 14-pin and 6-pin plugs from outside through the hole to the equipment rack (Fig. 1/4). 5. Insert the rubber grommet in the hole (fig. 1/5).