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Volkswagen Touareg Maintenance Service

Download Service Circular. 2005 Touareg Scheduled Maintenance Intervals. Date: July 1, 2004. Number: VMS Engine: Change engine oil and oil filter (Caution: for 6 and 8 cylinder engines use only oil fulfilling the VW 500 00, 501 01 or 502 00 specifications and for vehicles with 10 cylinder TDI engine use only oil fulfilling the VW 505 01 specifications with the viscosity 5W40) Engine: Check for leaks Exhaust system: Check for damage or leaks Battery: Check battery voltage (12.5v) (Recharge if necessary) Door check straps: Lubricate Windshield washer fluid: Check level; add if necessary Fuel filter: Replace (TDI engine only) Dust & pollen filter: Replace (where applicable) Automatic shift lock: Check operation including park/neutral/safety switch Automatic transmission: Check for leaks Manual transmission: Check oil level; add if