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Renault Clio III Door sealing film Removal – Refitting

Download REMOVAL a Note: The sealing ?lm can only be used once; it is des- troyed when it is removed. It is essential to replace the ?lm with a new one each time it is removed. REMOVING THE SEALING FILM a Remove the door trim( (see Front side door trim: Removal – Refitting) (MR 393, 72A, Side opening elements trim) or( (see Rear side door trim: Remo- val – Refitting) (MR 393, 72A, Side opening ele- ments trim). a Start with the upper section of the sealing film. a Remove the heptane in small amounts between the film and the inner door panel as the film peels away (pull slowly on the sealing film). a Carefully strip off the sealing film taking care not to tear it. REFITTING a Note: Remove the adhesive residue from the inner door panel by sticking wide masking tape over the adhesive residue. Pull gently on the masking tape to remove any adhesive residue. Clean the inner door panel with heptane using a dr y, lint-free cloth. WARNING The door must be clean (free of dust, grease, anti-adhesive products), with no trace of impuri- ties and no condensation. The area of the inner door panel where the ?lm is applied must be painted completely. Adhesive surfaces should be at a minimum tem- perature of 15? in order for the ?lm to adhere pro- perly to the door. 116833 a Unclip the interior handle mounting (if the vehicle is fitted with one) using an unclipping tool.