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How to Replace a Utility Sink Faucet


A utility sink in the laundry room or garage can be very useful for all sorts of clean up. Installing or replacing a utility sink faucet is an easy project that usually takes no more than 30 minutes in most situations. Whether you are installing a faucet in a new utility sink or replacing an existing faucet, this project can be completed by one person with just a few basic plumbing tools.

Tools and Materials You Will Need: Basin wrench, Channel-type pliers, New faucet, Plumber’s putty, Putty knife

How to Replace a Utility Sink Faucet

Here is a quick guide for how to remove and replace a utility sink faucet in an existing sink. No two installations are exactly the same, but this should give you an overview of what to expect when doing this project yourself.

Shut off the water supply for the faucet by turning off the individual shut-off valves under the sink. Make sure the water is fully shut down by trying to turn on the hot and cold sides of the faucet. If the water is not completely shut off, then you may have to shut off the main water supply. Also, if there are no dedicated shut-off valves, turn off the water supply to the house while working on the faucet installation.

Disconnect the hot and cold water supply tubes to the faucet. These may require a basin wrench, pliers, or a specialty tool to remove. The flex lines need to be turned counter- clockwise until they can be pulled off of the faucet. Sometimes you can reach the supply tubes from the side of the sink, which makes it easier to remove them. If not, you will need to reach up behind the sink.