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M.I.L. “ON” DTC P1133 ’97- ’99 Camry and ’99 Solara


Download MIL ON – DTC P1133 Oxygen Sensor Circuit Response
Under certain driving conditions, some 55-FE equipped 1997-1999 Camry and 1999 Solara California
emission specification vehicles may exhibit a M.I.L. “ON” DTC P1133. An improved Air Fuel Ratio
Sensor has been developed to correct this condition.
Applicable Vehicles
1997 – 1999 Camry & 1999 Solara (55-FE) with California emission specification.
Repair Procedure
^ Should a M.I.L. “ON” condition with DTC P1133 be encountered, perform diagnostic procedures as
described in the Repair Manual.
^ It the problem source cannot be identified after checking all affected areas according to the Repair
Manual, the cause may be an Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor malfunction. In this case, replace the Air/Fuel
Ratio Sensor with the updated part.
^ If the Exhaust Manifold threads are damaged by removal of the sensor, they can be repaired by the
proper use of a M18 x 1.5 tap.