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Ford Ranger upper ball joint replacement

Download Subject: Ford Ranger upper ball joint replacement Vehicle involved: 1998-2002 Ford Ranger 2 wheel drive Condition: O.E.M. supplier sells the upper ball joint as an arm assembly; we sell the ball joint only which can be pressed out of the arm assembly. Repair Procedure: 1. Raise vehicle on hoist, and support lower control arm. 2. Remove wheel and tire assembly. 3. Mark position of upper eccentric camber bolts. 4. Remove upper ball joint spindle nut and pinch bolt, 5. Separate upper ball joint from spindle. 6. Remove nuts and camber bolts attaching upper control arm-to-frame, 7. Remove upper control arm. 8. Place control arm in vise, press ball joint out with ball joint press. See Fig. 1. 9. After ball joint has been pressed out install new ball joint (500-1109) with the words “install inboard” facing toward the inboard side of control arm.