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Brakes – Pad Clicking Noise ’90-’00 Toyota All Models


Download Introduction A clicking type noise may be noticed when first applying the brakes after changing vehicle travel direction (Drive/Forward to Reverse, Reverse to Drive/Forward). This is a normal noise caused by the required brake pad-to-caliper clearances. When the direction of travel is changed, the brake pads may “shift” towards the new direction of travel. When the brake pad contacts the caliper, a clicking noise may be heard. To minimize this clicking noise, a disc brake caliper grease has been made available for use during brake service/maintenance operations. Under normal usage conditions this grease should be effective for a period of 6 months to 1 year. Applicable Vehicles ^ 1990 – 2000 model year Toyota vehicles, all models. Application Procedure There are two types of brake calipers: floating and fixed. Check the type of brake caliper installed on the vehicle by removing the wheel assembly. 1. Floating Type Brake Caliper A. Lift up or remove the brake caliper and suspend it securely. B. If equipped with anti-squeal spring: Remove the anti-squeal springs. C. Remove the brake pads with anti-squeal shims. D. Remove the pad support plates from the torque plate. Clean any dust from the pad support plates, torque plates and brake pads.