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2004 – 2008 Acura TL Installation Manual

Download Getting Started : To start with when u can do this two ways. You can take it to an upholsterer and get this executed quickly and it must be performed pretty cheap. Or you are able to do it yourself with slightly extra work and time… possibly more frustration, however it should be cheaper too.It ought to be a perfect wrap of your present armrest cover. I will probably be abbreviating armrest to AR. Now you’ll want to take away your armrest so we can begin the installation. First you will want to take away the four mounting screws located on the base once you flip the AR up:Now you’ll be able to take the AR to your clean work space, I can not emphasize CLEAN enough. Now you need to remove the opposite four screws in the course of the plastic shroud. Now you must see the metal plate that the whole mechanism slides on. The Square gap is the access to the release clip. Push down on the release clip and the steel glide ought to come off, and it’s possible you’ll want to use some force:Now you possibly can take away the locking plate and heart glide.