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Self-Diagnostics – EEC-V (Diesel) -01 Ford F250 Super Duty

Download Perform this test when directed by QUICK TEST. This test is intended to diagnose: Exhaust Backpressure • (EBP) Sensor • Wiring Harness Circuits (SIG RTN, VREF & EBP Signal) • Powertrain Control Module (PCM) 1) DTC P0470 This DTC indicates PCM detected EBP sensor malfunction during KOEO ON-DEMAND SELF-TEST. Possible causes for this DTC are: • Faulty EBP Sensor • Open Or Shorted Circuit • Faulty PCM Ensure scan tool is connected to Data Link Connector (DLC). Using scan tool, select EBP PID from PID/DATA monitor menu. If EBP reading is less than 18.5 psi, clear DTCs. Repeat KOEO ON-DEMAND SELF-TEST. If DTC is still present, replace PCM. If EBP reading is 18.5 psi or more, go to next step. 2) Check Signal Ground Circuit Turn ignition off. Disconnect EBP sensor connector. Sensor is located on top front of engine. Inspect for damaged pins, corrosion and loose wires. Repair as necessary. Measure resistance between ground and Gray/Red wire at EBP sensor wiring harness connector. See Fig. 11. If resistance is less than 5 ohms, replace EBP sensor. If resistance is 5 ohms or more, locate and repair open circuit in Gray/Red wire.