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KIA SPECTRA TURBOCHARGER KIT Installation Instructions

Download Initial disassembly 1. Disconnect the battery. Remove battery and the battery tray. 2. Using floor jack, elevate front end and place securely on jack stands. 3. Drain the coolant from the radiator. Capture and save for re-use. 4. Remove both upper and lower radiator hoses. 5. Remove front bumper. 6. Remove both headlights. 7. Remove steel inner bumper. 8. Remove the entire air cleaner assembly, including housing, ducting, and the MAF sensor. 9. Disconnect and remove horns. 10. Remove dipstick and dipstick tube. 11. Remove exhaust manifold. Remove oxygen sensor from manifold for reuse. 12. Loosen alternator tensioner and remove alternator belt. 13. Remove power steering pump belt and then pump (Note: Do not remove lines from pump, lay pump over towards inner fender). 14. Remove power steering pump bracket. 15. Remove bracket holding wires to Crank Position Sensor and Oil Temp Sensor. Cylinder head removal/installation NOTE: THIS PROCEDURE DOES NOT INCLUDE DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE REMOVAL/REPLACEMENT OF MAJOR COMPONENTS. PLEASE REFER TO THE MANUFACTURERS SERVICE MANUAL. 1. Remove all electrical connections from the intake manifold.