Home Tips & Tricks 2005-2008 AUDI A4 PART 21-681 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS


Download PART NUMBER: 21-681 2005.5-2008 AUDI A4 L4-2.0L C.A.R.B.E.O. # D-670. 1. Preparing Vehicle a. Make sure vehicle is parked on level surface. b. Set parking brake. c. If engine has run in the past two hours, let it cool down. d. Disconnect negative battery terminal. e. Do not discard stock components after removal of the factory system. 2. Removal of stock system Read and understand these instructions BEFORE attempting to install this product. Failure to follow installation instructions and not using the provided hardware may damage the intake tube, throttle body and engine. a. Factory air box system. b. Remove the two screws located on the front of the fresh air duct. c. Carefully lift the back side of the fresh air duct away from the air box. d. Slide the fresh air duct toward the firewall. Remove the fresh air duct from the fresh air scoop. e. Remove the prefilter from the stock air box. This may still be in the fresh air duct. f. Disconnect the mass aiflow (MAF) sensor harness from the MAF sensor. g. Disconnect the metal clips securing the MAF harness to the stock air box. There are 3 clips, 2 are shown in this picture and the third one is in the next step.