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Wire Harness Service Manual Toyota All Models

Download Wire Harness Service Manual Toyota All Models – The new Wire Harness Repair Kit “B” has been released as an essential Special Service Tool (SST) to supplement the original Wire Harness Repair Kit. This kit holds an initial supply of 21 new type electrical terminals and connectors as well as the necessary supplies and small tools for most electrical repairs. The Wire Harness Repair Kit manual has been updated and now contains an illustrated catalog of all terminals and connectors available for Toyota vehicles. Connector Replacement Guidelines, a Connector/Terminal Usage Guide, and a Connector Quick Reference Chart have been added as additional reference. This manual is the only reference available which provides information on properly identifying connectors and terminals. When components/supplies need to be replaced, refer to page 21 in the manual or the reverse side of this TSB. Note: The manual is no longer available through the Toyota Non-Parts System. It is available separately under part number 410094 by calling OTC at 1-800-933-8335 PARTS REPLACEMENT ORDERING INFORMATION: The following parts can be ordered through Toyota Motor Sales on a normal parts order:…