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1994 Lincoln Town Car Oil Pan and Oil Pump Screen Cover and Tube Removal

Download 1. Disconnect battery ground cable. 2. Remove air cleaner outlet tube. 3. Drain cooling system and remove fan blade and fan shroud . Refer to Section 03-03. 4. Relieve fuel system pressure and disconnect fuel lines. Refer to Section 10-01. 5. Remove upper radiator hose. 6. Remove windshield wiper governor and support bracket. Refer to Section 01-16. 7. Discharge air conditioning system. Refer to Section 12-00. 8. Disconnect A/C compressor to condenser discharge line at A/C compressor and remove bolt retaining hose assembly to RH ignition coil bracket. 9. Remove 42-pin engine harness connector from retaining bracket on power brake booster . 10. Disconnect 42-pin connector and transmission harness connector. 11. Disconnect throttle valve control actuating cable from throttle body . 12. Disconnect heater water hose. 13. Remove nut retaining ground strap to RH cylinder head . 14. Remove upper stud and lower bolt retaining heater water hose to RH cylinder head and position out of way. 15. Remove heater blower motor switch resistor. 16. Remove bolt retaining RH front engine support insulator to front sub-frame . 17. Raise vehicle on a hoist. Refer to Section 00-02. 18. Drain engine oil. 19. Remove the lower splash shield. NOTE: