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2005 Mazda Truck Mpv V6-3.0l Dohc Intake Air System


Download WARNING When the engine and intake-air system are hot, they can badly burn. Turn off the engine and wait until they are cool before removing the intake-air system. Fuel vapor is hazardous. It can easily ignite, causing serious injury and damage. Always keep sparks and flames away from fuel. Fuel line spills and leakage are dangerous. Fuel can ignite and cause serious Injuries or death and damage. Fuel can also irritate skin and eyes. To prevent this, always complete the “Fuel Line Safety Procedure”. (See BEFORE REPAIR PROCEDURE.) 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Remove in the order indicated below. Air cleaner. Air cleaner element. Fresh-air duct (See Fresh-air Duct Removal Note) Resonance chamber (See Resonance Chamber Removal Note) Mass air flow sensor. Air hose. Accelerator cable bracket. IMCC actuator. Throttle body. EGR valve (See EGR VALVE REMOVAL/INSTALLATION) IAC valve. Bracket. Dynamic chamber (See Dynamic Chamber Installation Note) Dynamic chamber gasket. Fuel distributor (See Fuel Distributor Removal Note) Intake manifold (See Intake Manifold Installation Note) Intake manifold gasket . 3. Install in the reverse order of removal. Fresh-air Duct Removal Note 1. Remove the fuse box, battery and battery tray before removing the fresh-air duct.