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Timing Belt Service Manual '02 Nissan-Datsun Quest

Download Timing Belt Service Manual ’02 Nissan-Datsun Quest – CAUTION: – Do not bend or twist timing belt. – After removing timing belt, do not turn crankshaft and camshaft separately because valves will strike piston heads. – Make sure that timing belt, camshaft sprocket, crankshaft sprocket and belt tensioner are clean and free from oil and water. – Installation should be carried out when engine is cold. Removal 1. Jack up the vehicle front and support with safety stand. 2. Remove engine under cover. 3. Remove front RH wheel and engine side cover. 4. Drain engine coolant from radiator. 5. Remove the following belts. – Compressor drive belt – Generator drive belt – Power steering pump drive belt Timing Marks 6. Set No. 1 piston at TDC of its compression stroke. 7. Loosen crankshaft pulley bolt. 8. Remove crankshaft pulley using a suitable puller. 9. Remove radiator upper hose and water inlet hose. 10. Remove compressor drive belt idler bracket. 11. Remove water pump pulley. 12. Remove breather pipe from timing belt front upper cover. 13. Remove timing belt front covers. – Align punchmark on LH camshaft sprocket with punchmark on timing belt rear cover. – Align punchmark on crankshaft sprocket with alignment mark on oil pump housing.