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2001 Ford Mustang Rear Brake Repair

Download REAR BRAKE CALIPER CAUTION: Components are not interchangeable from side to side. Disassembly (Continental, Cougar, Mustang, Sable & Taurus) 1. Remove caliper. See REAR BRAKE CALIPER & PADS under REMOVAL & INSTALLATION. Mount caliper in a soft-jawed vise. Using Piston Remover/Installer (T87P-2588-A), rotate piston counterclockwise and remove piston from bore. See Fig 13. Remove dust boot and seal from bore. 2. Carefully remove snap ring, as snap ring and spring cover are under spring load. Remove spring cover, spring, flat washer and key plate. Pull push rod and strut pin from bore. Discard “O” ring from push rod. 3. Remove parking brake lever return spring. Remove lever bolt, and pull lever out of housing. Remove and discard seal. Inspection Clean all metal parts with isopropyl alcohol and dry with compressed air. Replace components if worn, pitted or scored.