Home Tips & Tricks 2004 Chevrolet Malibu Water Pump Replacement Removal Procedure

2004 Chevrolet Malibu Water Pump Replacement Removal Procedure

Download Water Pump Replacement (L61) Tools Required J 43651 Water Pump Holding Tool Removal Procedure 1. Drain the coolant. 2. Remove the thermostat housing pipe-to-cylinder bolt near the front of the engine. 3. Remove the exhaust manifold heat shield and bolts. 4. Remove the water pump access plate from the front cover. 5. Remove the right hand wheel nuts and wheel assembly. 6. Remove the right hand inner push-pins and splash shield. 7. Disconnect the engine coolant temperature sensor electrical connector. Important: A drain plug has been provided at the bottom of the water pump assembly for additional coolant drainage from the engine block and water pump. 8. Drain the coolant from the plug at the bottom of the water pump. 9. Remove the thermostat housing bolts. 10. Move the thermostat housing toward the left hand side of the vehicle while twisting the water feed pipe from the rear of the water pump assembly. Leave the coolant hoses and thermostat housing cover connected. 11. Remove the water feed pipe. Important: The water pump holding tool supports the sprocket and chain during water pump service. The tool must be used or the balance shaft must be re-timed. 13. Install the J 43651 into position.