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ESC ECU Reprogramming Instructions 07 Hyundai Sonata

Download ESC ECU Reprogramming Instructions 07 Hyundai Sonata  – DESCRIPTION: The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) of some 2007 Sonata vehicles equipped with 3.3 Liter engines may be programmed to be too sensitive, causing inadvertent brake application on banked curves. To correct this condition, the ESC ECU may be reprogrammed using the Hi-Scan Pro as described in this bulletin. VEHICLES AFFECTED: ^ Model: 2006 SONATA 3.3L vehicles with ESC ^ Affected vehicle production date range: ^ Produced from May 5, 2005 through June 10, 2005 ESC ECU SPECIFICATIONS: CAUTIONS BEFORE REPROGRAMMING: 1. Perform reprogramming with the ignition key in the “ON” position. 2. Be careful not to disconnect any cables connected to the vehicle or Hi-Scan Pro during reprogramming. WARNING : ^ When reprogramming the SONATA ESC ECU, the manual reprogramming mode [error mode] is not available. ^ If ESC ECU reprogramming is interrupted during the “ESC ECU software data download” process as a result of cable disconnection, power interruption or battery discharge, the ESC ECU must be replaced. 3. Do not start the engine during reprogramming.