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Honda Ridgeline Noise Reduction Manual Installation Instructions


Download 1. Roll cover to the front: Begin by unlatching the rear header and start rolling the cover to the front, stopping at the first cross support tube. 2. Remove cross support tubes: Detach the rear cross support tube. Next clean the cross support tube with alcohol. Lay the detached cross tube on a flat surface. Rotate the tube so that the nylon loop on ether end has the separation split facing up. See picture below. 3. Apply nylon loop strip: With the split in the nylon loop ends still facing up. Peel the plastic backing away from the 1.00″ x 47″ nylon loop strip and apply it to the cross support tube. Position the strip between the two nylon end pieces. See picture below. Next reattach the cross support tube back in place on the cover. Make sure the nylon strip that was just applied is facing the cover. Continue to roll cover and repeat step two and three for the front cross support tube. 4. Apply polyester hook to the rails: After the cross support tubes are reattached to the cover, roll the cover closed stopping at the cross support tube. Next attach the 1″ x 4″ long polyester hook to the driver and passenger side rail. This piece of polyester will be applied to the side rail at the exact location where the cross support tube lays on the rail. See the picture bellow. Note: Before applying polyester hook, clean the area on the side rail with alcohol. 5. Apply nylon loop to cross support tube attachments: