Home Tips & Tricks Installing Offset Camber Bushings 611-1165 & 611-1166 In Control Arms

Installing Offset Camber Bushings 611-1165 & 611-1166 In Control Arms


Download Condition: Removing and installing control arm bushings easily without distorting control arm. Repair Procedure: 1. Raise vehicle and support under lower control arms and remove wheel assembly. Remove brake line brackets from upper control arm. 2. Uncouple plastic fastener and remove ABS line from control arm. 3. Remove and discard both pinned plastic inserts, holding factory-adjusting cams from rotating. 4. Remove upper control arm flange bolts and spin arm 180 degrees to gain access to the control arm bushings. 5. Use ball joint C-Clamp and adapter set 711-1095 for removal. Install receiver tube 711-1097 over large end of bushing and install extractor plug 711-1096 on small end of bushing. (See Fig. 1 & 2) Install open eyelet of ball joint press over the extractor plug. Holding the ball joint press in a level position, screw in threaded bolt on C-Clamp to remove bushing. 6. For ½, ¾, &1 ton, HD models, Hummer H2 models, the control arm has a double eyelet at each end, a spacer is needed 711-1099 which is placed between the eyelets to prevent bending when removing and installing control arm bushings. (See Fig. 2) Repeat process for other control arm bushings. Installation Instruction: On the large end cap of the new offset bushing is stamped a reference arrow. Replacement bushings need to be installed in pairs having each reference arrow pointing in the same direct ion with the boltholes in line with each other.