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Delco-Moraine Automatic Adjuster Brake Systems


Download CHANGES, CAUTIONS, CORRECTIONS P BRAKE DRUM REPLACEMENT NOTE — Various smooth surface, finned, and aluminum type drums are used in produc-tion on various models. Ensure same type as original is used for service replacement, in order to avoid uneven braking or other problems.BRAKE ADJUSTING SCREW LUBRICANT NOTE -‘ Manufac-turer recommends use of special lubricant number 5450032 foradjusting screw and brake backing plate, to prevent gumming and freezing of parts Brake Drums — Drums must be specially honed to 20 micro-inch finish for use with metallic lining. Do not use metallic linings for replacement with standard drums which have not been honed as specified. Lining Wear limit — Each segment of metallic lining has top layer of metallic braking material and bottom layer is a metal backing pad. Both layers are similar in appearance. To avoid mistakes in determining actual lining thickness, replace broke shoes whenever combined thickness of lining and backing pad in any one area is 3/32″ or less.Seating New Linings -— After brakes have been properly adiusted, make six to eight stops from 30 MPH, with moderate pedal pressure (aids seating and eliminates tendency to dive). Then make six to eight complete stops from maximum legal highway speed, at approximately one mile intervals.