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How to Quickly Repair a Delta Faucet


Repair A Leaky Delta Faucet

With age and time a faucet may begin to drip. This is a common problem that can usually be solved with a new rubber seat and spring. This Delta faucet repair guide shows you how to repair the leak in a few easy steps.

Tools and Materials You Will Need: Pliers, Screwdriver or Allen Wrench, New rubber seat and spring, Stem grease, Possibly a new stem (see note below)

Note: You may also need to change the stem if:

  • The handle is stiff when turning on the faucet
  • Leak around the handle when the faucet is on
  • Replacing the seat and spring doesn’t stop the leak

Remove The Faucet Handle

With this plumbing repair you need to start by shutting off the water to the faucet. Remove the faucet handle either by using an Allen key on the side of the handle or by unscrewing the handle. Note: For some faucets you will need to remove the cap from the top of the handle to access the screw.

Remove The Bonnet Nut

Once the handles are removed you will have access to the bonnet nut that is holding the stem in place. Since the seat and spring are located under the stem you will need to remove it. Use either a pair of pliers or a crescent wrench to unscrew the bonnet nut and pull it straight up.

Remove The Stem

Now you can remove the stem and access the seat and spring that need to be replaced. With a pair of pliers pull the stem straight up and out. Important – note the position of the stem.