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Troubleshooting a Dropped Camera


Don’t Freak Out: Use These Tips to if Your Camera Slips Through Your Fingers – Have you ever suffered from a dropped camera? Fewer feelings in the world are more sickening.

Most of the time, you’ll associate digital cameras with happy feelings and good times. After all, when you’re using your digital camera, it is usually at a special event or when spending time with friends and family. It might even be funny (weeks later, of course) when you realize that your comedic brother-in-law was making an obscene gesture in the background of every family photo that you snapped over a three-day holiday visit.

After all, that’s why Photoshop was created.

But when the camera is halfway to the floor — having slipped through your fingers — it’s the opposite feeling. The dread is overwhelming, and it seems like the few seconds it takes for the camera to hit the ground takes forever, yet you’re helpless to prevent it. And you already know that no amount of time spent with Photoshop can fix a broken camera.

Even though you’re afraid to do it, you do have to pick up the crashed camera at some point. And your natural instinct is to press the power button immediately, checking to see whether the digital camera survived the fall. If the digital camera doesn’t work or if it appears to be working in a manner differently than what you’re used to seeing, keep the panic at arm’s length for a few more seconds, and look at these items for potential easy-to-fix problems.

Loose battery compartment door. Check the battery compartment. It’s common when you drop a camera that the weakest point of the camera body will absorb much of the impact. For many cameras, this is the battery compartment door, which may pop open during the fall. Some cameras will not operate properly if the battery compartment is open.

Loose battery. Along the same lines as the above tip, is the battery still in place? The camera won’t work if the battery popped loose in the fall, which can occur.