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How to Download Files From the Sony DCR-SR45


The Sony DCR-SR45 is one of Sony’s Handycam camcorders. Images and video are saved to the camcorder’s internal hard disk. To free up room on the internal hard disk, you can download images and video to the computer. To download files from the camcorder, you need the Picture Motion Browser software installed. This software comes on the installation disc that was supplied with the camera. You can also download this software online from Sony’s support section.

Set Up the Sony DCR-SR45 Camcorder with the Computer

  • Plug the Sony DCR-SR45’s A/C adapter into the power outlet. Plug the A/C adapter to the camcorder. Turn the camcorder on. Don’t connect the Sony to the computer yet.
  • Insert the installation disc that came with the Sony DCR-SR45 camera into the computer’s optical drive.