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1994 Chevy K 1500 P/U Drivetrain – Slow Or No Engagement of Front Axle

Download Models: 1988-97 Chevrolet and GMC K Models excluding 1988-93 Models over 8500 # GVW This bulletin is being revised to add information to the Service Procedure, add a new part number, and include schematics. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 76-43-01 (Section 4 – Drive Axle). Condition Some owners may comment that the Colder the outside temperature is, the longer it takes for the front axle to engage when 4 wheel drive is selected, or the front axle does not engage. Cause The front axle engagement actuator is a thermally activated component. Because of this characteristic, the time required for the actuator to complete 4 wheel drive engagement is extended as the temperature drops. Correction Replace the front axle actuator and include the applicable wiring harness kit. Refer to the Parts Information in order to determine which wiring harness kit is needed. 1996 model trucks with a build date on or after January 2, 1996 are considered as “961″. If the build date of the truck is unknown, verify the 3 character “axle code” on the front axle label in order to determine which wire harness to order. This new actuator uses a motor to engage the front axle and is not affected by temperature. On 1988-93 models with a GVW rating over 8500$, the new actuator cannot be installed and the thermal actuator will remain the service part