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1994 Land Rover Discovery V8-3.9L Dynamic Timing

Download EQUIPMENT REQUIRED Calibrated Tachometer Stroboscopic lamp ADJUST 1. It is essential that following procedures are adhered to. Inaccurate timing can lead to serious engine damage and additionally create failure to comply with emission regulations. If timing is being checked in vehicle, air conditioning compressor must be disengaged. 2. On initial engine build, or if distributor has been disturbed for any reason, ignition timing must be set statically to 6°BTDC . NOTE: This approximate setting is made only to ensure that engine may be started. CAUTION: On no account must engine be started before this operation is carried out. 3. Connect timing lamp and tachometer to engine following manufacturer’s instructions. 4. Disconnect vacuum hose from distributor. 5. Start engine. With no load, and without exceeding 3,000 rpm , run engine until normal operating temperature is reached (Thermostat open). Check that engine idles within tolerance specified. 6. Idle speed for timing purposes must not exceed 800 rpm.