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1995 BMW 740i (E38) V8 Antitheft – False Alarms Due To Interior Sensor

Download False alarms of the Anti-Theft System (DWA) may be caused by excessive sensitivity of the Radio-Frequency Interior Protection Sensor (F IS). Triggering by the FIS Sensor is stored in the “alarm counter” (DWA) and can be read out using the DIS Tester or MoDiC, thus establishing the FIS Sensor as the cause of the false alarms. Note that the ultrasonic sensor replaced the FIS sensor in series production from 9/98. Correction: On a customer complaint basis only, replace the FIS sensor with an ultrasonic sensor kit. Procedure: 1. Remove FIS sensor (Refer to Repair Manual 65 75 570)Disengage the upper mounting bracket from the roof panel by pushing the upper bracket “up”, while gently pulling the roof panel “down”. Rotate approximately 90°, and slide the bracket out of the aperture in the roof panel, on the diagonal. Discard the upper mounting bracket. ‘ S65 98 L136 4. In cases where the adapter harness is unavailable (see the Parts Information section of this S.I.), grip the harness (not the connector) and carefiflly pull to provide the extra harness length required for the Ultrasonic installation