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1999 Pontiac Grand Timing Chain Tensioner Installation

Download Important: Use the following steps in order to reset the timing chain tensioner assembly to the zero position. 1. Reset the timing chain tensioner assembly. A. B. C. D. Insert the tensioner plunger assembly into the tensioner housing. With the tensioner plunger fully extended, turn the complete assembly upside down on a bench or other flat surface. With the plunger face against the workbench, press firmly on the boffom of the tensioner housing. Compress the plunger until the plunger is seated flush in the tensioner. 2. Check the plunger to make sure that the plunger is out of the cylinder at the correct dimension. The correct dimension for the plunger to extend out of the cylinder is 1.7 mm ( 0.070 in ) maximum 1999 Pontiac Grand AM L4-144 2.4L DOHC VIN T SFI 3. Loosely install the tensioner assembly and bolts to the timing chain housing. 4. Install the timing chain tensioner shoe on the stud. 5. Apply hand pressure to the timing chain tensioner shoe until the locking tab seats in the groove in the stud. Notice: Do not over tighten the bolts retaining the component or failure to the component may occur. 6. Tighten the timing chain tensioner bolts. Tighten