Home Tips & Tricks 2002 Lexus IS 300 Disc Brake System Service and Repair

2002 Lexus IS 300 Disc Brake System Service and Repair

Download 2. INSPECT PAD LINING THICKNESS Check the pad thickness through the caliper inspection hole and replace pads if the thickness is not within the specification. Minimum thickness: 1.0 mm (0.039 inch) 3. REMOVE ANTI-SQUEAL SPRING AND PAD GUIDE PIN a. Raise the “B” portion with hand, push up the “A” portion and unlatch the anti-squeal spring from brake caliper. b. Remove the anti-squeal spring. NOTICE: Do not deform the clip and anti-squeal spring. The clip and anti-squeal spring can be used again provided that they have sufficient rebound, no-deformation, cracks or wear, and have had all rust, dirt and foreign particles cleaned off. c. Remove the clip and pad guide pin. 4. REMOVE PADS AND ANTI-SQUEAL SHIMS a. Remove the 2 pads. b. Remove the 4 anti-squeal shims from each pad. 5. CHECK DISC THICKNESS AND RUNOUT 6. INSTALL NEW PADS NOTICE: When replacing worn pads, the anti-squeal shims must be replaced together with the pads. a. Apply disc brake grease to both sides of inner anti-squeal shims. b. Install the 2 anti-squeal shims on each pad. HINT: Make sure the arrows on the inner anti-squeal shims facing to the direction of disc rotation as shown in the illustration. c. Draw out a small amount of brake fluid from the reservoir.