Home Tips & Tricks 2005 Toyota Tacoma FRONT COWL WATER LEAK REPAIR PROCEDURE


Download Use the following field–fix procedure if water is present on the floor carpeting and it can be confirmed that the leak is from the front cowl seam. S 2005 model year Tacoma vehicles. 1. Remove wiper arms and plastic cowl cover. For further removal instructions, refer to the Technical Information System (TIS): 2005 model year Tacoma Repair Manual: Wiper & Washer: Windshield Wiper Motor Assy: Replacement. 2. Locate the left and right front cowl seam and wet area with Toyota Glass Cleaner. Refer to Figure 1 for the location of the left front cowl seam. NOTE: Soapy water can be substituted for Toyota Glass Cleaner. Figure 1 3. Turn the blower motor to the High setting and the air intake selector to Fresh and close all doors and windows on the vehicle. 4. Carefully, inspect the front cowl seam area for air bubbles. S If air bubbles are present, the front cowl seam leak has been confirmed. S If NO air bubbles are present, proceed to Confirmation Procedure for Lower Front Cowl Seam Leak on page 3 of this TSB.