Home Tips & Tricks 2006 Volkswagen Passat Replacing Bulbs For Headlamps Manufactured By Valeo

2006 Volkswagen Passat Replacing Bulbs For Headlamps Manufactured By Valeo

Download Replacing Low Beam Headlamp NOTE: Left Low Beam Headlamp M29 and Right Low Beam Headlamp M31 can be checked via output Diagnostic Test Mode (DTM) of Vehicle Electrical System Control Module J519. Removing: Switch off ignition and all electrical components and move ignition key or start button into position 0 (preliminary engaged position). NOTE: During removal and installation, leave ignition key with remote control inside the vehicle to prevent the doors from locking and possibly activating the “Coming Home / Leaving Home” functions on its own. In order to be able to replace low beam headlamp, it is sometimes necessary to remove neighboring components at the corresponding headlamp. Refer to the following tables to determine additional component removal as required, depending on engine. NOTE: Low beam headlamp bulb -2- is clipped into the reflector -1-. When removing low beam headlamp bulb – 2-, the harness connector – 3-is not disconnected first. Push harness connector and thereby the lamp socket in -direction of arrow- until the lamp can be felt as loose. Pull low beam headlamp at harness connector -3- out of reflector. Pull low beam headlamp -2- from harness connector -1-. Installing: NOTE: When installing cap, ensure proper seating. Water intrusion will damage headlamp. Do not touch the glass of the light bulb, when installing. Your fingers will leave traces of grease on the glass which, when the light is switched on, will evaporate and cloud the glass.