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Audi A4 Bailey Motorsports DV30 Diverter Valve

Download Audi A4 and Passat B5 1.8T. Included with your Bailey valve kit: • One Bailey DV30 diverter valve • Two medium size hose clamps • One small size hose clamp • One medium length zip tie Tools required for this install: • Medium flat blade screwdriver • Tin snips (suggested but not required) Install time: • Approx. 30 minutes Installation of the Bailey DV30 requires accessing the engine from below, and is easier done on jack stands or a lift. If installing your valve on jack stands, please make sure they are of high quality and properly placed! This installation sheet details the install of the a Bailey DV30 on a 98 and later Audi A4 or VW Passat B5 1.8T. 97 and some early 98 A4/B5s have their diverter valves in a slightly different location, higher up in the low pressure boost hose. Install on these vehicles is similar, but requires access from above and below. Removing the passenger headlight helps, too. The first step to accessing the diverter valve on your A4 is to place the front of the vehicle on jackstands and remove the undertray beneath the engine.