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Audi A4 Transmission Mount Installation Overview

Download Tools Needed Floor Jack Jack Stands 13mm socket 16mm socket 17mm socket 16mm wrench 17mm wrench 10mm wrench Ratchet Blue loctite (optional) Step 1 Raise the car and secure it with jack stands. Never work under a car supported only by a hydraulic floor jack. Check your owner’s manual for proper placement of floor jacks and jack stands. Step 2 Identify the transmission mount. Some cars will have 1 while most will have 2. They are located just outboard from the transmission near the drive axles. Step 3 Carefully use a floor jack to support the transmission in position and prevent it from shifting positions. Step 4 Using a 13mm socket, remove the 2 side bolts. Depending on your specific model, there may be a heat shield around the mount which will need to be moved.