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Bump While Braking Service Manual ’08 Mountaineer


Download Bump While Braking Service Manual ’08 Mountaineer – SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. Install IDS/PDS or equivalent and ID the vehicle. 2. Update the PCM and TCM calibration using IDS release 52.8 and higher or 53.1 and higher. This new calibration is not included in the VCM 2007.11 DVD. Calibration files may also be obtained at www.——-.com. Since the TCM cannot be independently reprogrammed, reprogram the PCM to ensure that engine and transmission calibrations are updated to the latest level simultaneously. 3. Clear TCM keep alive memory (KAM) and adaptive tables. a. Using IDS: (1) Open Toolbox. (2) Choose Powertrain. (3) Choose Reset KAM. (4) Then Choose TCM. b. Using PDS: (1) Choose all Tests and Calibrations. (2) Scroll down the menu and Choose Reset TCM KAM. 4. Verify that the transmission fluid temperature (TFT) PID is above 175° F (80° C). If it is not at 175° F (80° C), drive unit approximately 3 miles (5 Km) to reach temperature. 5. Drive unit to perform adaptive shift strategy learn. a. Accelerate from rest with light throttle to 15 MPH (24 Km/h), remove foot from accelerator pedal. b. Brake very gently to a complete stop (allow at least six (6) seconds).