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Clutch – Hydraulic Bleed Procedure 93 Ford Light Truck

Download ISSUE A “soft” unresponsive clutch pedal may be felt or the driver may be unable to release the clutch. This is caused by air entrapped in the clutch hydraulic system. BENCH BLEEDING PROCEDURE (CONCENTRIC SLAVE CYLINDER) 1. Remove master cylinder, line and reservoir from vehicle and assemble with replacement parts required based on initial concern. 2. Hold the master cylinder vertically with the reservoir feed hose in the highest position on the body. See Fig. 1 . 3. Fill the reservoir and extend above the master cylinder and assure the quick connect on the clutch line is below the master cylinder. (Lightly clamp reservoir in a vise). 4. Using a small screwdriver, depress the internal mechanism of the male quick connect coupling to open the valve. See Fig. 1 . 5. Stroke and hold master cylinder pushrod. 6. Close quick connect valve. 7. Release master cylinder pushrod. 8. Fill reservoir. 9. Repeat Steps 4 through 8 four more times. 10. With the master cylinder still being held with the outlet tube and reservoir feed tube ends high, quick connect closed and the reservoir full, proceed as follows: a. Push the pushrod into the body several times quickly to expel any remaining air.