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Engine Cranks but Doesn’t Start; Immobi Light Blinks


Download NOTE: This article applies to all Honda with a Type 2 immobilizer system. This includes ’98–02 Accords and Accord V6s, ’00–02 Insights, ’99–02 Odysseys, and ’00–02 S2000s. If the starter motor cranks but the engine doesn’t start, watch the immobilizer system indicator on the instrument panel. If the indicator blinks while cranking, connect a PGM Tester to the 16P data link connector (DLC). If the green power LED on the PGM Tester doesn’t come on, and if the PGM Tester asks you if this is an electric vehicle, refer to the appropriate ETM to locate and check the ground path for the DLC and the immobilizer receiver. The DLC and the immobilizer receiver share the same ground. If the path to ground is poor, the immobilizer receiver can’t communicate with the ECM/PCM. Since the ECM/PCM doesn’t get the proper coded signal from the immobilizer receiver, it shuts down the fuel system and causes the immobilizer system indicator to blink. If you want further proof of this diagnosis, just plug a 12-volt PGM Tester power adapter into the accessory power socket, and connect it to the PGM Tester. If the engine starts, the adapter is supplying a ground for the immobilizer receiver through the PGM Tester and the DLC.