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Lexus RX 400h hybrid Identification

Download RX 400h Identification In appearance, the 2007 RX 400h is nearly identical to the conventional, non-hybrid Lexus RX 350. The RX 400h is a 5-door Luxury Utility Vehicle. Exterior, interior, and engine compartment illustrations are provided to assist in identification. The alphanumeric 17 character Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is provided in the front windshield cowl, driver door post, and under the front passenger seat. Example VIN: JTJGW31U840020208 (2WD) JTJHW31U850011201 (4WD) An RX 400h is identified by the first 6 alphanumeric characters; JTJGW3 (2WD) and JTJHW3 (4WD). The RX 400h is the first gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle for Lexus. The gasoline-electric hybrid system has been named Hybrid Synergy Drive. Hybrid Synergy Drive means that the vehicle contains a gasoline engine and an electric motor for power. Two energy sources are stored on board the vehicle: 1. Gasoline stored in the fuel tank for the gasoline engine. 2. Electricity stored in a high voltage Hybrid Vehicle (HV) battery pack for the electric motor. The result of combining these two power sources is improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. The gasoline engine also powers an electric generator to recharge the battery pack; unlike a pure all electric vehicle, the RX 400h never needs to be recharged from an external electric power source.