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Mazda Miata/GT-X/MX-5 Fitting Installation

Download The next steps outline the set up process: 1. Guarantee the secret is in the OFF place and take away the ECU from the vehicle. The factory ECU is located in either of the following places: RX-7 – on the left A pillar about 20cm above the ground, GT-X – behind the centre consol, MX-5/Miata – below the passengers foot properly carpet. Unplug the wiring harness from the manufacturing unit ECU. Remove the 6mm bolts (10mm socket) that retain the ECU and remove the ECU from the vehicle. DO NOT contact the exposed pins within the manufacturing unit ECU connector.2. Remove the manufacturing facility ECU’s circuit board from its enclosure: Ensure you are following the given anti- static pointers and ARE WEARING A CONDUCTIVE WRIST STRAP connected to a conductive working surface. Take away the highest cover by removing the facet retaining screws. Remove the circuit board by removing the nook screws. Hold it solely by the plastic header and place it aside. 3. Join the ECU USB tuning cable and the growth loom to the Vi-PEC Plug-In ECU if required. 4. Fit the Vi-PEC Plug-In ECU: Place the Vi-PEC ECU on the bottom plate and punctiliously match the four corner screws.