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Mil On with PCM DTC P0463/IC DTC B1201 '05 Aviator


Download SERVICE PROCEDURE – INITIAL STEPS (All Vehicles) 1. Retrieve and record PCM and the instrument cluster (IC) DTCs, from continuous and on-demand self tests. 2. If DTCs other than B1201 or P0463 are retrieved, follow normal Workshop Manual diagnostics, DO NOT CONTINUE WITH THIS TSB. 3. If IC DTC B1201 and/or PCM DTC P0463 are retrieved, perform Procedure A for 2002-2005 Model Years and Procedure B for 2006 Model Years. 4. If No DTCs are retrieved, go to Procedure C. PROCEDURE A (2002-2005 MY) CHECKING FUEL GAUGE OPERATION: 1. Key in OFF position. 2. Remove Fuse F1.15 (15 amp) from the Battery Junction Box, wait 1 minute and reinstall fuse. 3. Disconnect the in-line connector to the fuel pump module (C438 for 4.6L) or (C431 for 4.0L), located on the RH frame rail. 4. On the vehicle harness side of the connector, connect one lead of an instrument gauge system tester (Rotunda # 014-R1063 or equivalent) to Circuit 1356 (LG/VT – Pin-8 in Connector C438 and C431) and the other lead to Circuit 1357 (LB/YE – Pin-5 in C438 for 4.6L or Pin-4 in C431for 4.0L) (Figure 1). a. With the key in the RUN position, move the shift lever from PARK to DRIVE, wait 10 seconds and then back to PARK.