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My Transmission Is Slipping & Has a Whining Noise


Whining Noise Causes – A whining noise is caused by worn-down grip gears in a transmission. When the gears are so worn down that they start to rub against one another, they produce a high-pitch sound. The whining noise can come and go, or stay constant for the entire time that the engine is turned on. It’s also possible for the whining noise to be symptomatic of low automatic transmission fluid. If the fluid empties out and becomes too low in the vehicle, a whining noise is produced.

Troubleshooting – People who know a lot about cars and their mechanical makeups may be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of slipping transmissions and whining noises. The average person, however, may only recognize the warning signs once the damage is done to the transmission. Troubleshooting can be done by a professional mechanic who will examine the vehicle, take it for a test drive and visually inspect the transmission to see what the specific problem is.