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Nissan Altima Headlight Kit Instructions

Download Special Headlight Kit Set up: The Nissan Altima taillights are a collection of bends and curves. This lens will require endurance, and particular instruction. A heat gun or blow dryer may also be needed. Begin by aligning the film across the whole decrease edge of the lens. Just be sure you are as actual as attainable when aligning this portion of the lens, as it should drastically impact the alignment of the rest of the film. This should create a natural rigidity and fan form to the rest of the film. As soon as the movie is aligned, and utilized on the bottom of the lens heat the remainder of the movie with a blow dyer or heat gun till the movie is extraordinarily pliable (be careful to not burn the movie). You will then begin applying the upper half of the film, working your means in one inch increments throughout the remainder of the lens. Work your way throughout the whole of the lens this way – from edge to edge. DO NOT WORK IN SECTIONS. It is a tough installation. An important thing to recollect is the film is VERY forgiving. If any wrinkles or bubbles seem beneath the film during installation, pull the film up to that space and reapply. Be aware: Continually spray the skin of the movie with the solution for a lubrication layer.