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Peugeot 306 Cabriolet Removing the rear seats

Download If ever you need to remove the rear seats from your 306 Cabriolet, this is the article to read! Why would you want to? The main reason is likely to access the rear speaker housings (usually in the quest to update them) or if you wish to remove the side trim “cards”. This article applies to all variations of the 306 Cabriolet, with the only slight difference being pointed-out. Essential tools: 13mm socket or spanner Long screwdriver or stiff rod If your 306 Cabriolet was not fitted with optional rear head rests, you have it easy. Simply skip stages 3 to 6! 1. Remove both seat base lower bolts (13mm socket). Two 13mm seat base bolts indicated 2. Remove the rear seat base and store carefully. 3. Lower the roof but keep the roof cover open as you will need access to rear head rest sleeve clips. View of the rear bulkhead with the roof cover open Tip: Regardless of whether you’ve opened the roof cover using the hydraulic system or manually, ensure that the roof cover is securely held open. The cover may appear to stay in a vertical position initially, but the hydraulic ram will slowly let the cover down as the fluid drains out. Remember not to rely on the headrests or seat back to wedge a cardboard box in place as these parts are about to be removed (stating the bleeding’ obvious!). 4. Pull out both rear headrests and store carefully. Removal usually involves gently, but firmly, wiggling them from side to side while pulling up.