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Trailer Wire Harness Service Manual ‘06 Toyota RAV4

Download TRAILER WIRE HARNESS Installation Instructions 1. Supplemental Restraint System SRS (a) Failure to carry out procedures listed below could result in possible deployment of airbag, personal injury, or unnecessary repairs to SRS. (b) Turn the key switch to the LOCK position. (Fig. 1) (c) Remove the key from the ignition switch. (d) Disconnect the negative battery cable. (Fig. 2) (e) Never use a voltmeter to trouble shoot any of Accidentally probing the connectors to the SRS can lead to deployment of the airbag. (Fig 3) (f) SRS wire harness loom/cover is bright yellow in color. 2. Wiring Precautions (a) DO NOT pull on vehicle wires and/or wireharness. To uncouple electrical connectors, pull only on the connector itself. (Fig. 4) (b) Use nylon ties and adhesive foam strips to secure the vehicle harness and the trailer wire harness. (c) Ensure all wires are properly insulated from ground. (d) When installing the trailer wire harness make sure it is not cut or perforated by any sharp metal objects. 3. General Practices and Procedures (a) Before starting installation, refer to the supplemental restraint system procedures in Section 1. (b) Take care not to scratch any part of the vehicle. Bind the tips of tools (clip remover, slot screw driver, etc.)